America’s Great Outdoors are cherished and celebrated by people around the world. As simple as local playgrounds and as magnificent as National Parks, America’s Great Outdoors remain our collective backyard. Unfortunately, today many of the experiences and opportunities that we have all shared are in jeopardy. Now more than ever we need to reconnect Americans, especially young people, to the places we all care about, and work to ensure the future of the outdoors for generations to come.

Great Outdoors America Week (GO Week) has risen to this challenge, establishing itself as the preeminent event celebrating our collective connection to the great outdoors while advocating for its future. As one of the largest annual conservation and outdoor focused events in Washington DC, GO Week raises awareness around outdoors issues, brings together hundreds of diverse organizations and activists to meet with lawmakers and administrators to advocate for our outdoor way-of-life.

GO Week’s diverse group of participants sends a clear message to lawmakers each year: Americans from all walks of life, urban and rural, young and old, care deeply about the outdoors and have high expectations that elected officials will do all they can to ensure the future of the outdoors. Each year officials participate in hundreds of meetings with public land and wilderness activists, youth advocates, service corps leaders, land and water conservation fund supporters, veterans, local lawmakers and business leaders. These meetings have inspired new congressional champions, engaged members from all sides of the political spectrum and administration officials across agencies, and helped draw connections between all the issues challenging the future of the outdoors.

Working to Protect the Future of America’s Great Outdoors
Join us in GO Week June 23 – 26, 2014 in Washington DC

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This Year’s Events Include:

  • An Outdoor Festival on the Anacostia River
  • Meetings with administration officials
  • Hill Briefings from leaders of the conservation, business, youth and sportsmen communities of current outdoor issues
  • An inspiring presentation by NOLS Expedition Denali, the first team of African Americans who attempted to summit the highest peak in North America, on the importance of connecting young people of color with the outdoors
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